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3D CAD drawing:
Bracket for QHY5 camera
and Tokina 200 mm f 1/3.5 lens


  1. CAD bracket basic
  2. Solving problem with 3D printing
  3. Design bracket version 2.0
  4. 3D printing of lens bracket
  5. To be continued

I take no responsibility or liability for what are written here, you use the information at your own risk!

4, 3D printing of lens bracket:

3D printing of second bracket:

Now when I 3D-print this second bracket, the bracket that hold the Tokina 200 mm lens I hope it will fit well enough to be used directly. I just had to decrease the inner diameter of the QHY5 bracket and delete the rectangular block.

Testing the nut pocket:

3D CAD: motor focuser bracket

After I had increased the size of the M4 hexagon pocket by 0.2 mm it fit the nut, with a screw with the nut I press it into its position.

3D CAD: motor focuser bracket

With help of the pliers I get force enough to get it in place. Note: it's important that you clean all edges with a knife before installing the nut.

3D CAD: motor focuser bracket

View from other side, strange, where did the pocket go for the screw head ?

3D CAD: motor focuser bracket

The same procedure for the main bolt at bottom, M6.

Measure the needed pocket size:

3D CAD: motor focuser bracket

When setting the hexagon pocket size it's the diameter of it you set. With my 3D-printer I have to increase the diameter, I add 0.2 mm (for M4 and M6 size nuts) compare to what I measure it to be.

Mounting the bracket to the lens:

3D CAD: motor focuser bracket

I have to bend the slits apart to get the bracket over the edge of the lens, I have to use some force, but the plastic didn't break apart.

3D CAD: motor focuser bracket

It's easier if you insert something in the slit, less risk to destroy the lens.

Assembling the 300 mm setup together:

3D CAD: motor focuser bracket

Now I can assembling my 300 mm system together. The 300 mm lens bracket, focus motor bracket, guide camera and lens bracket and the USB-Hub holder.

3D CAD: motor focuser bracket

It give a very clean and compact look now. I can have short 25 cm USB cables to most of the equipment.

3D CAD: motor focuser bracket

The middle bracket that hold the motor focuser is still an early prototype. I have to increase the strength of it. But it's good enough to do a first outdoor test.

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