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3D CAD drawing:
Motor focuser bracket


  1. CAD for motor focuser bracket
  2. CAD bracket version 2
  3. Timing belt length calculation
  4. CAD bracket version 3.0, part 1
  5. CAD bracket version 3.0, part 2
  6. CAD bracket version 3.0, part 3
  7. CAD bracket version 3.0, part 4
  8. CAD bracket version 4.1, part 1
  9. To be continued

I take no responsibility or liability for what are written here, you use the information at your own risk!

4, CAD bracket version 3.0, part 1:


With new experience and measurement of the version 2 bracket I'm now doing the version 3 that shall correct all big problem.

Holder to focus motor controller:

3D CAD: motor focuser bracket

I have changed the geometry of the bracket to get more free space around the pulleys, I need it when adjusting the timing belt tension. An alternative could have been a third free rolling pulley with a spring that set tension on the belt.

The hole to the motor axle is moved upwards.

I also want a more advanced holder to the motor focuser's control box. To do this I use the mode Part. Adding and subtracting rectangular boxes and cylinders. Starting with one cylinder t each end.

3D CAD: motor focuser bracket

Add two more smaller cylinders and subtracting them.

3D CAD: motor focuser bracket

Adding three more rectangular boxes that I subtract and got this.

3D CAD: motor focuser bracket

Adding a reinforcement to stabilize the structure. Rounding of the edges as usual.

3D CAD: motor focuser bracket

Export it as a STL file to Cura. Look at the image, you see that the subtraction hasn't been done correct. It's often I get this error. Little bit hard to find where I do the mistake that give this problem. It looks to have something to do how I use the command Join and Union, I have to look at YouTube videos to understand better the function of them.

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