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Home>Astronomy>Projects>Sigma 150mm f2.8 vignetting test

20151221 Project: Repair of Star Adventurer mount
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Repair of Star Adventurer

20151209 Tutorial: Off axis guiding on comets and astroids
Home>Astronomy>Tutorials>Off axis guiding on comets

20151208 added comet Catalina in my gallery
Home>Astronomy>My Photo>Comet Catalina

20151127 added planetary nebulas M57 and M97
Home>Astronomy>My Photo>Planetary Nebulas

20151114 New secret electric car manufacture

20151110 Space tourism, balloons
Home>Links>Links Astro Tourism

20151104 Project: Fight Light Pollution
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Fight Light Pollution

20151022 Blackest black, anti reflex

20151018 New astronomy camera platform from Andor
Home>Links>Links#Astronomy (camera)

20151014 Ultrathin lens

20151006 Apollo Archive

20150929 Tutorial: ISO DSLR
Home>Astronomy>Tutorials>ISO DSLR

20150912 Tutorial: Semiautomatic drift align
Home>Astronomy>Tutorials>Drift align

20150910 Project: Modify adapters field flattener
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Adapter field flattener

20150906 Project: Star database for CDC
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Star database

20150830 Airshow August, 2015. F11 Skavsta Sweden
Home>Vehicles>Aircrafts>Airshow 2015 F11

20150830 Photo M33 Triangulum galaxy
Home>Astronomy>Photo>M33 Triangulum Galaxy

20150830 Photo M31 Andromeda galaxy
Home>Astronomy>Photo>M31 Andromeda Galaxy

20150826 Project: Heating band fieldtest

20150825 Tutorial how to make temperature controlled dark calibration with DSLR cameras
Home>Astronomy>Tutorials>Dark Calibration

20150819 Tutorial how to make flats for color cameras
Home>Astronomy>Tutorials>Flat Calibration

20150814 Tutorial how to make a time lapse video for astronomy
Home>Astronomy>Tutorials>Time lapse

20150814 Astrograph tour at Saltsjöbaden
Home>Astronomy>Observatory Sites

20150811 Tutorial how to use Fitswork image processing for astronomy

20150809 An evening looking for Perseid Meteors
Home>Astronomy>My Photos>Meteor Showers>Perseid Shower 2015

20150806 Escape Dynamics, wireless microwave energy for space travel

20150620 My Astronomy equipment

20150620 Observatory sites
Home>Astronomy>Observatory Sites

20150620 My Astronomy projects
Home>Astronomy>Project page

20150620 After 5 years, the come back of my homepage! Now HTML5 standard, fifth edition.

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