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How to setup Fitswork and more


An image processing program, a very good software to process astronomy images with. But there is one big problem, almost all help on Google are in German language. The menus are in English so most of function is possibly to find out. Here I have done some instruction videos how to start with Fitswork. When video has started, switch to full-screen and HD resolution. Otherwise you can't read the text on the menus.

Part 1:



  • Download
  • Install
  • Setup

This first tutorial is about how to download, install and setup Fitswork.

Part 2:



  • Make Master Dark
  • Make Master Flat

This time I talk about how to make materdarks and masterflats. These calibrations files is a must for serious image processing. You can google on that and find out how to take them if you not already know how to do it.

In the tutorial I use the Sigma method, what I see it maybe scale the masterfile in a wrong way, the mean method seems too work better, at least in some situations.

Part 3:



  • Batch many files
  • Calibration
  • Stacking

This time I give a tutorial how to use batch process in Fitswork, very useful when there are many images to process, for ex. in calibration and stacking.

Part 4:



  • Get higher resolution
  • Walking colors

This time I give an explanation and a tutorial how to increase the resolution from a Bayer patterns sensor, as the color sensors in DSLR cameras. This is very exiting, try it! Google on Drizzling and you will find out more.

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