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My Astrophotography
Sun, Planets and Moon

Our Solar systems objects are easy to see. The Sun can be studied daytime and its dark spots, but be careful, never look in the telescope direct it will burn your eyes in a glimpse of a second ! Moon set and rise are beautiful to see or take photos of. To see any planet details you need a telescope with long focal length.

More to read about our Solar System at Wikipedia:

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Solar system Sun, Planets, Moons


Not my own, historical  
Solar Eclipse 1999 Solar Eclipse 2022
Solar eclipse
Solar eclipse
Solar Eclipse 1914 in Sweden Solar Eclipse 1927 and 1945 in Sweden Solar Eclipse 1954 in Sweden
Solar eclipse 1914
Solar eclipse 1927 and 1945
Solar eclipse 1954


Full Moon, Sweden 1983 Full Moon, Sweden 1983
Moon 1982 Moon 1983
Full Moon 2001 First Webcamera Moon 2004 Moon Eclipse 2007
Moon 2001 first web camera Moon 2004 Moon Eclipse
Blood Moon 2018 Astrofriend Blood Moon 2019 Astrofriend Moon 2020, taken with 5 inch APO refractor
Blood Moon
Blood Moon
Moon with telescope


Satun catch on film 2001 Saturn with web camera 2005  
Saturn 1999
by 35mm film
Saturn 1999
by web camera


If I had taken those photographs today (2019) I would use the following of my equipment.

Camera Lens / Telescope Reducer / Barlow Mount Comment
Canon 6D TS130, 910 mm x1- x3 SkyWatcher EQ6 Sunspots, Planets
Canon 6D Pentax 300 mm x1 SkyWatcher HEQ5 Sunset, Sunrise, Sun & Moon eclipse
Canon 6D Sigma 150 mm x1 Tripod Sunset, Sunrise, Sun & Moon eclipse

You need a bigger telescope to get more interesting results of planets, maybe a 10" Newton with a x4 Barlow and a fast CMOS camera. When taking photos of the Sun, don't forget the important Solar protection filter, without it the camera will be destroyed and your eyes too if you look into the camera or telescope, it's dangerous even to look at the Sun direct with naked eye !

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