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Photography meteor showers


  1. Introduction
  2. Make a map of the sky
  3. Equipment
  4. Camera, lens and intervalo meter setting

1: Introduction

There are several meteors shower every year and they come back about the same date, year after year. These meteors are just small grains or dust from space that come into our atmosphere. These grains are always out there but these meteor showers are leftover from comet tails that once had passed us and cross the Earths orbit. The density of dust are higher in this old tail area and it could come many meteors per hour.

Here you can read more about meteor showers:

If you scroll down on the Wiki page you will find a list of meteor showers. When I'm writing this it's he end of April and you see that the Lyrids are going on now. I will use the Lyrid as an example, but the procedure is almost exactly the same for the others, just other dates.

Here you can see how it looks when I tried to catch the Perseid Meteor Showers 2015:

We saw more than one really strong meteor, they are called a Bolide or fireball, but no one of them I got to catch on photo.

At 2016 years Perseids Gunilla succeed to catch the leftover from a Bolide, the smoke tail:

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