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Photography meteor showers


  1. Introduction
  2. Make a map of the sky
  3. Equipment
  4. Camera, lens and intervalo meter setting

3: Equipment

This is relatively easy to do so you don't need very expensive equipment. Most DSLR cameras if not all will make it, if you don't have a DSLR, try to use what you have first and don't buy new stuff. Here is the list of what I have:

This is only a short summary over my equipment.

The camera:

Most DSLR cameras will be fine I think. But it's much easier if there is some way to do several photos by automatic (time lapse function). Some cameras has it built in. In my case I use an external intervalo meter to control the camera. Don't forget to have extra batteries, they will not last too long in the cold.

The lens:

Because you never know in advance where each meteor will show up there is wise to have a wide angle lens. My 16mm fish eye lens cover 180 degrees, but anything between 90 and 180 degrees will be fine. You want to collect as much light as possible but at the same time have a sharp image. Most lenses works better if you set down the aperture to f/4, a zoom lens maybe don't even have this, then set it to wide open.

Intervalo meter, long time exposure control:

I have an aftermarket intervalo meter, not very expensive, 40 Euro. If you are lucky your camera has this built in. It could also be called a time lapse function.


You don't need any motor driven mount for this. Just a stable tripod will be enough, the focal length of the lens is short so it's not any heavy demand. It should be high enough to let you see the display when you set up the camera setting.

Anti Dew:

I always had problem with dew on the lenses when doing astrophotographing. Now I have built a heating band that I wrap around the lens. It's wiser if you buy a over desk heating band, they are not expensive. This problem depends very much on were you are, maybe you don't get this problem and then no need for an anti dew equipment.

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