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June 22, 2024

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AstroImageJ Align and Drizzle


  1. Introduction matrix
  2. Align points test
  3. Size of output matrix
  4. Inverse matrix
  5. Determinant
  6. Matlab and Octave
  7. Parallel Super-Resolution Plug in
  8. Parallel Super-Resolution Plug in, test 2
  9. Temporary solution with new workflow

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9, Temporary solution with new workflow:

This project was a bit heavy, take long time and I looking for other solutions. Something I can use today.

Since I started this it has come new software. Deep Sky Stacker has come with a 64 bit version and Gimp has come with support that really works for 32-bit floating points figures.

I have done some test on editing 32 bit files with Gimp. It works much better than expected and then I started to look what DSS can do today, it already has Drizzle function built in earlier, but with only Windows 32-bit support it could get RAM memory enough to handle these big files.

First suceesful 3x Drizzling with DSS:

Optical Setup: TS130, Canon 6D, object M13 3x Drizzle

My first test with DSS and my demosaiced 32 bit files work perfect in DSS. What a surprise, and I really get higher resolution too.

I have started a new project page with this new workflow:

It take a lot of memory, but it works !

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