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My Astrophotography
Stars, double Stars, Novas etc

Some people find it very exiting to resolve double stars, visually or photographing. Better to do this under high magnification. The longest focal length I have is 910 mm which isn't very long. I have done two test here.

More to read about constellations and double stars at Wikipedia:

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Double Stars

Beta Cephei
Beta Cephei
Chi Draconis Cor Caroli, 2023 Grumium, 2023
Chi Draconis Cor Caroli Grumium
Double Star STT 307 Double Star HU 662 M40 optical double star
STT 307 HU 662 M40


Nova V1405 Cas 2021    
V1405 Cas


If I had taken those photographs today (2019) I would use the following of my equipment.

Camera Lens / Telescope Reducer / Barlow Mount Comment
Canon 6D TS130, 910 mm 1x - 3x SkyWatcher EQ6 To resolve some of the double stars there is a need of high resolution photos. It's only my 130 mm refractor that can deliver that.

Try to resolve double stars. Give some ideas how the performance of the equipment are and how stable the atmosphere is.

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