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Messier 109

Object : M109
Coordinates/Direction : RA: 11h57m, DEC: +53o22'
Object size : 7.6' x 4.7'
Object magnitude : 10.6
More to know : Wikipedia: wiki/ Messier 109

M109 2013-11-25

M109 Galaxy, 2019
Date : 2013-11-24
Time (UT) : 23:51 to 00:05
Mount : Skywatcher EQ6 Pro Synscan
Guide : -
Lens/telescope : Pentax 500mm f/4.5 (set to f/5.6)
Corrector/Barlow : Built in
Field (FOV) : 4.1x2.7 degree, before cropping
Filter : none
Camera : Canon EOS 5D (Mk I)
Film/CCD : Raw
Exp. time : 20x30 seconds at ISO1000
Image process tool : AstroImageJ, Fitswork, Irfanview
Processing : level, cal flat, dithering no bias dark noise filter
Weather : clear with some clouds drifting by
Site : Sweden, Stockholm, Hagsätra. Bortle class 9
Comment : I had a lot of old photos on the hard disc which was unprocessed. They have got a rotation flag set that cause some of my image editors software to give up. Now after I solved that problem with this rotation flag set technique I can process them and compare with todays photos.

One of my first photos with a full frame camera, the first Canon 5D (Mk I). The lens was an early 1970s Pentax with not so good color handling which cause a lot of problem, you see the red halos around the bright stars.
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