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Chrysler Crossfire

This is an information page collection of what I have repaired on my Crossfire.

You should not do any repair on your car if you don't have enough experience and knowledge! You use this information on your own risk! Don't blame me if something goes wrong.



  1. Ash Tray holder
  2. Cup holder

A fresh and working interior makes your car look much better. The ash tray and cup holder are common problem at the Crossfire.

Chrysler Crossfire, 2005

1, Ash Tray holder:

I took apart my dashboard to give my ash tray holder a chance to be repaired. I found small plastic parts broken, maybe I could find a replacement in the future. Here is the information I used to take it apart:

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2, Cup holder:

Chrysler Crossfire: Cup holder

If you have a Chrysler Crossfire there is a big chance that you have seen this, a hanging down cup holder. It's because of a broken plastic item in it. The cup holder is easy to break.

Here is the information I used when I repair it:

After that I have took it apart I found more then one broken plastic part.

Chrysler Crossfire: Cup holder

After have get it out from the car it looks like this. To the left is a weak hinge in plastic that was broken. I drilled a new hole and replaced it with a rod in brass. That's has nothing to do with the hanging down cup holder, it's another problem.

Chrysler Crossfire: Cup holder

The broken plastic items was gone that hold the cup holder in closed position. I need to repair it in another way. On the back there is a plastic arm protruding. I used that to replace the mechanism that hold it in correct position when closed. Look at the Youtube link in the beginning for a deeper look at the problem.

Chrysler Crossfire: Cup holder

With small piece of wood and a strong tape I made the new parts.

Chrysler Crossfire: Cup holder

Here how it looks when in place, I recommend you to glue it together instead.

Chrysler Crossfire: Cup holder

Now the lid is in correct position when closed, very common they hang down.

Chrysler Crossfire: Cup holder

Cup holder in open position. In the construction there is also a gear with damping that slowly closes the door, the gear is very small, do not drop it.

Chrysler Crossfire: Cup holder

Back in place and much nicer look. However, the function is still quite uncertain and it's very fragile.

It is not a good construction and I will maybe later replace it with some aftermarket part. Something like this:

  • Ebay (Chrysler Crossfire cup holder replacement bin, Ebay)
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