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AstroImageJ Align and Drizzle

AstroImageJ, Align and Drizzle

  1. Introduction matrix
  2. Align points test
  3. Size of output matrix
  4. Inverse matrix
  5. Determinant
  6. Matlab and Octave * (you are here)
  7. Parallel Super-Resolution Plug in
  8. Parallel Super-Resolution Plug in, test 2

6: Matlab and Octave

This looks to be very complex task, I need to take it in two steps, first do it with matrices so I see that it work before I spend all that time to implement it in AstroImageJ. Earlier as I have told I used to work with Matlab, but now when I don't have it by free it's too expensive. But luckily there is an another similar software which is free, the Octave. I have not used that tool much but is very similar to Matlab so I don't think it will any big problem for me to test my ideas in Octave.

More information about Octave and download page:

There is even a Fits package to it:

If you are familier with Scilab maybe also this can be an alternative:

My experience from Matlab is that it is limited to smaller images because of Matlab's hunger for memory. I believe even Octave has this problem, but let us see when I have collected some new experience and with a modern computer with lot of memory.

I have now installed Octave and it works as it should, just some problem to setup the start parameters. Next step is to start doing the test procedure of the functions I need in Octave. Really exiting!

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