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AstroImageJ Align and Drizzle

AstroImageJ, Align and Drizzle

  1. Introduction matrix
  2. Align points test
  3. Size of output matrix
  4. Inverse matrix
  5. Determinant * (you are here)
  6. Matlab and Octave
  7. Parallel Super-Resolution Plug in
  8. Parallel Super-Resolution Plug in, test 2

5: Determinant

Determinant is another mathematical tool we need to find out the X-1 that we need to calculate T.

You can always test if a matrix has an inverse, that's when the determinant is not zero.

det(T) = not equal zero

In the computer world we don't have infinite number to work with, not resolution enough, we get rounding errors. So if the determinant have a very small value it's the same as it probably will not have an inverse.

More information about determinant:

Coming more later.

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