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  1. Overview

Swift Observatory:

The Swift observatory I don't know so much about. But they use this observatory when doing research on gamma ray burst. The satellite can very quickly change it's pointing to a new discovered RGB object.

The optics is a Ritchey-Chretien telescope with a primary mirror diameter of 0.3 meter, focal length 3.5 meters. There are four different sensors which are sensitive to: Gamma ray, X-ray, UV and Optical.

If I find these data useful I will write more about the observatory, just need some ideas how to use it.

Swift Observatory data archives:

Lets do a test on a weak and relative small object, the M51 Galaxy is a good candidate and I have also tried to take photos of it from my balcony. When I search Swift data around this object I found blue, visual and UV spectra. But something must have gone wrong because all spectra I downloaded was just the blue, only the blue is of high resolution.

Not bad that either, have a look:

Later I can try to blink these images relative each other and see if there is something that changes between them. I have got 12 different images in the blue spectra.

I come back later about Swift and its data.

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