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Astronomy Science data


  1. Overview

POSS-II data

POSS-II data is a follow up of the earlier POSS-I data. This was performed the years 1985 to 2000. Now they also added an IR channel, still film based. One of its purposes was to serve the Hubble Space Telescope with a guide star catalog.

It looks to be the same size of the photographic plates, 355 mm x 355 mm dimension.

As I did earlier I made a green channel from the red and blue spectra. But also did some experiment to use the IR channel.

Mount Palomar's Samuel Oschin Telescope

From where did these POSS-II data came from? Same telescope as earlier, but now upgraded in some parts, you can get more information here:

Below you see what images I have processed, click on the images and get more information:

POSS-II: Messier 1, Ring Nebula POSS-II: Messier 13 Hercules Globular Cluster POSS-II: Messier 31, Andromeda Galaxy POSS-II: Messier 42, Orion Nebula
Messier 1
Crab Nebula
Messier 13
Hercules Globular Cluster
Messier 31
Andromeda Galaxy
Messier 42
Orion Nebula
POSS-II: Messier 45, Pleiades
Messier 45

Images from POSS-I plates, credits: STScI
Image processing by Lars Karlsson


The dynamic range is better with the POSS-II data compared with the older POSS-I data. With POSS-II data there not only red and blue spectra, there are also IR spectra. Very handy to use when searching after strong IR radiation objects.

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