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DSLR cameras RGB multipliers


  1. Introduction
  2. Download DCRaw and copy to a folder
  3. Open Command Window
  4. Change directory in Command Window
  5. DCRaw parameters
  6. Get cameras RGB multipliers or white balance values

4: Change directory in Command Window

If you succeed with the above you shall have the Command window open now like this (without the last typing):

Change directory in Command Window

Now, move to the correct directory. It's DOS commands.

  • CD

    Change Directory

  • CD..

    Go up one directory, in this example I gave this command twice.

  • CD dcraw

    Means open DCRaw directory, if you have another name of it, type that name.

  • DIR

    List all files in directory. We see here the dcraw.exe file and my raw camera file img_7137.cr2.

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