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Dark and flat calibration

And an illustration and explanation why it's important to do dark and flat calibration


  1. The digital DSLR camera features
  2. Linear and nonlinear
  3. The ideal image
  4. The real image and its components
  5. Vignetting
  6. Making of the calibration images
  7. What happens in the stages when we calibrate?
  8. Did we came back to the ideal picture?
  9. The math behind it

8: Did we came back to the ideal picture?

The calibrated result

Here is the final result of all our calibrations. The picture now does look much more as the ideal camera and lens should have taken. Ripples on the surface tell us about the noise. It is only now when we have calibrated (pre-calibrated) our picture we can go further, the image processing we want to do.

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