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My astronomy project:
Riccardi field flattener and off-axis adapter


  1. Overview wide field and planet configuration
  2. Calculation of the optical system * (You are here!)
  3. First light test
  4. Investigation of vignetting problem
  5. Vignetting analyzes
  6. Why do we get vignetting from the DSLR camera house?
  7. Calculation of free opening to avoid vignetting
  8. Modify of the adapters
  9. Lathe and milling of the adapters

2: Calculation of the optical system

Here is the theoretical calculation of the optical system above:

astro angles 5D TS130 Riccardi flatfield

Apparently, the system is heavily under sampled with the telescope's relatively short focal length and the camera's large pixels. The system is more optimized for low noise rather than high resolution. With a more modern camera as Canon 6D it would be improved and even more preferably a monochrome camera and in combination with Drizzle the optical resolution can be fully utilized without any optical changes.

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