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Astro server and power unit, ver2


  1. Astroserver and powerbox, ver 1.0
  2. Astroserver and powerbox, ver 2.0
    1. Introduction to astroserver and power unit ver2
    2. Astroserver
    3. Powerunit
    4. Enclosure box
    5. Power supply
  3. Balcony outdoor outlets
  4. Lithium Battery power

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Page II.1: Introduction to astroserver and power unit ver2

Now when I'm almost ready to use my new observatory there are some new demand on the astroserver and the powerunit. I try to reuse most of the components from my earlier astroserver that had worked very well for me. You maybe have also read that I'm working on a Linux Raspberry astroserver. That one needs more work until it's ready to put in operation.

You can read about the details on the original astroserver here:

Here you can read about the Linux astroserver:

Ready with tools and new components to take apart the old astroserver and rebuild it.

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