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The beautiful junkyard


  1. Walk among the beauties, part I
  2. Walk among the beauties, part II
  3. Walk among the beauties, part III
  4. Walk among the beauties, part IV

A walk among the old beauties

Part III

A pile of metal that will be new cars in the future.

A truck engine that looks to be complete, count the holes, one extra in the middle, what is it used for?

Volvo B16 engine.



Volvo PV, non split window from 1960 and later.




An old rust repair.


Mushroom forest.



Volvo PV from late 1950s with split window.

Is it Scania trucks, or?




A relative modern small truck, a Jeep.

Volkswagen beach buggy attempt?

Scania truck? Very masculine if you say so.



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