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The beautiful junkyard


  1. Walk among the beauties, part I
  2. Walk among the beauties, part II
  3. Walk among the beauties, part III
  4. Walk among the beauties, part IV

A walk among the old beauties

Part II


In old time the electric system was easy to understand compare with todays computer controlled cars.



I did not only found old cars here, old wood burner ovens.

Volvo on top of a SAAB, from 1960s.

Maybe Volvo Amazon but not sure, it looks older.

Flat prof tire technology from earlier times, from a tractor.

Farmer equipment.

A plough, this is what my grandfather Gustaf working with, manufacturing and repairing, he was a Blacksmith.



Now I enter the military area.

Amphibian military truck.

Some people have wheels like this in the garden as decoration.

A wheel from the 1930s maybe.




The rust wins.



Heavy truck axles.

A boat cabin?

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