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The beautiful junkyard


  1. Walk among the beauties, part I
  2. Walk among the beauties, part II
  3. Walk among the beauties, part III
  4. Walk among the beauties, part IV

A walk among the old beauties

Part I

Follow me on this fantastic walk, at least if you are a strange person like me. If you are old enough you will find a lot of cars and junk from the time when you grew up. The nature has transformed the cars and parts to a fabulous beauty.

A Swedish Volvo Duett, maybe from early 1960s.

Another Volvo, this is the PV, Personal Wagon, late 1950s.

Unsure about this, is it a British car?

Another unknown car, maybe French.

Another French car?

Swedish Volvo PV, late 1950s, the even earlier ones had split window at the rear. Strange that it's still here, a lot of people are looking for spear parts for these old Volvos

Volvo PV with split window, late 1950s. The engine is a four inline, B16. My first ten years I followed my father on his journeys in a car like this.

Swedish SAAB, early 1960s, I think this is the newer model with the V4 engine (made by Ford in Germany), not the earlier two stroke DKW engine.

This was difficult, very old cars, I was told that they maybe has been used as military practice cars. I saw them here 50 years ago also.

Enjoy the patina!



Bicycle with owner Boman.

A buried hood.

Another maybe useful part, just to figure out which car it belong to.


From the time when you could start an engine without a battery.


Spare tire bolted on the frame of the chassis of the car, looks like to have a military origin.



Maybe someone know to which car this front belong to?


Give me some clues about this last cars!

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