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Messier 42, Orion Nebula

Object : M42, Orion Nebula
Coordinates/Direction : RA: 05h35m, DEC: -05o23'
Object size : 65' x 60'
Object magnitude : 4
More to know : Wikipedia: wiki/ Orion Nebula

M42 2020-01-20

M42 Orion Nebula, 2020
Date : 2020-01-20
Time (UT) : 20:21 to 20:53
Mount : EQ6 controlled by EQMOD
Guide : PHD2 in dithering mode and QHY5 camera off-axis
Lens/telescope : TS130, 910mm f/7
Corrector/Barlow : Field flattener 3" x1
Filter : none
camera : Canon 6D, controlled by APT software
Film/CCD : Raw
Exp. time : 20x60 seconds, iso1600
Image process tool : AstroImageJ, Fitswork, Irfanview
Processing : resize, level, cal dark&bias, noise
Weather : clear
Site : Sweden, Stockholm, Hagsätra
Comment : To take a photo from our balcony of Orion Nebula isn't easy, just a few hours per year we have it in correct position between the houses. And when it's there it's just above the roof of a house. The heat from the house cause a lot of turbulence in the air. Still there is a photo of it and this nebula is one of the most beautiful, and it's bright too. It's about 25 degrees above the horizon at this time.

M45 2018-12-05, zoom in around the center of the nebula:

M42 Orion Nebula, 2020
Date : 2020-01-20
Time (UT) : 20:21 to 20:53
Comment : This is a 1:1 pixel crop of the above photo, because of the turbulence from the heat above the roof it was impossible to get the focus correct. But who cares, the nebula is there !

In the center where it's over exposed is the Trapetzium, four very bright stars. If I get the opportunity I take new photos with less exposure to get that part of the nebula correct exposed.

M42 2013-11-28

M42 Orion Nebula 2013
Date : 2013-11-28
Time (UT) : 20:00
Mount : EQ6 Pro SkyWatcher
Lens/telescope : Pentax 500 mm f/4.5
Corrector/Barlow : built in lens
Filter : none
camera : Canon 5D (Mk I)
Film/CCD : iso1000
Exp. time : 30x 15 seconds
Weather :
Site : Sweden, Stockholm, Hagsätra
Comment : A test with my Pentax 500 mm telephoto lens. Higher magnification but not very well color corrected.

M42 1997 April

M42 Orion Nebula 1997
Date : 1997 April
Time (UT) : 20:00 ??
Lens/telescope : Konica 50 mm f/1.8
Corrector/Barlow : none
Filter : none
camera : Konica T3
Film/CCD : Kodak PJM-2 640
Exp. time : 30 seconds, no motor drive
Weather :
Site : Spain, La Palma
Comment : Out of focus to bring out the colors of the stars.
The red star up to the left is Betelgeuse. It is a super giant M-star, 800 times the suns diameter, but it's mass is only 20 times the Sun's

M42 1996

M42 Orion Nebula 1996
Date : 1996
Time (UT) : 20:00 ??
Lens/telescope : Konica 135 mm f/3.5
Corrector/Barlow : none
Filter : none
camera : Konica T3 with a special built finder
Film/CCD : Kodak PJM-2 640
Exp. time : 30 seconds, piggy back on Celestron C8
Weather :
Site : Sweden, Stockholm, Saltsjöbaden
Comment : M42 is the red veil in Orion's sword under the belt (the three stars at the top). This is the first photo ever for me on this nebula.
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