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My friend Lars B's projects


  1. Casting parts for a mount, part 1
  2. Casting parts for a mount, part 2
  3. 3D-printed focuser
  4. Welding in aluminum with a MIG
  5. Pier and mount
  6. Winding machine
  7. To be continued

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6, Winding machine:

Lars' latest a project, a winding machine, could be used to winding coils with.

A winder machine that use stepper motors and 3D-printed parts.

It's advanced with the second stepper motor that control the winding along the axis. The move per revolution is setup from the display. When I windings coils 45 years ago it was all mechanical.

Lars B's comment:
With this machine I can winding coils and other things.

Flexible shaft coupling - fully parametric:

By: Lars B.

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