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Kepler data, sensor pos 41

Kepler data, sensor pos 41
Coordinates/Direction : RA: 290.427033o, DEC: +43.624771o. Angle calculator
Object size : sensor about 1 x 1 degrees
Object magnitude : -
Object : Area of Cygnus, Lyra and Draco
Date : 2009-08-19 to 2013-04-08
Lens/telescope : Kepler Space observatory
Film/CCD : Sensor position 41 (from sensor 41, 42, 43, 44), Kepler data, credits: STScI
Filter/Wavelength : 420 to 900 nm
Exp. time : 6.019 x 270 x 44 = 1192 minutes
Image process tool : Fits viewer NASA, HxD, AstroImageJ, Fitswork, Irfanview
Processing : Flat calibrated, Gamma 5 curve
Site : Space
Comment : This is a median stack of 44 images, almost four years of monthly data. Not very much different compare with the single image. Tells us that the noise are already low in the sub image.
More to know : Wikipedia: wiki/Kepler (spacecraft)

Inverted image:

Kepler data, sensor pos 41
Comment : These scientific grade sensor doesn't have a overflow channel. Then strong stars electrons overflow follow the columns, cross because the senor are rotated 90 degrees 4 times a year. Object upper left the galaxy NGC 6792.
More to know : NGC 6792:
NGC 6792:
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