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Drift align with help of PHD2


  1. My choice of equipment and software to do drift align
  2. How to use PHD2 for drift align, Azimuth
  3. How to use PHD2 for drift align, Altitude
  4. Final result
  5. Update tips on polar error

3: How to use PHD2 for drift align, Altitude

Push the Altitude button in PHD2 drift align window.

PHD2 drift align azimuth (Click on the image and you get a full resolution image in a new window)

Ideally we find a star at the horizon along the celestial equator line (DEC = 0 +/- 5 degrees) in the West or East. In actual practice, we must have it about 20 degrees above the horizon, but still close to declination = 0 degrees. In my location (latitude +59 degree) it show up here as +66 degree offset from meridian in PHD2 drift align window.

Repeat this Altitude process as you did for the Azimuth, but now adjust the mounts Altitude, up or down. Make a note in note window how to perform, up/down etc.

Only look at the trend of declination, in my case the red one, note: always the declination trend line for both Azimuth and Altitude adjustments, the trend for RA doesn't matter!

After a few times adjusting I got a deviation of about 5 arc minutes or better from the Earth's axis.

You must go back and readjust the Azimuth at least one time and after that at least do a check of Altitude again. Have you done this drift align a few times, then it's possibly to do this in less of ten minutes and get a good precision.

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