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Camera time efficiency simulation


  1. Introduction
  2. Why I like these cameras
  3. The Excel sheet with camera simulations: Low Dynamic, example 1
  4. High Dynamic, example 2
  5. Thermal Noise, example 3
  6. High Dynamic and very weak signal, example 4
  7. Readout Noise from calibration, example 5
  8. Download of Excel sheet

8: Download of Excel sheet

Here you can download my Excel sheet. But remember this is very simple made, don't trust it and use it for decision to which camera to buy.


version 20171220 (latest)
Changed the camera bias
Thanks Bill for the info!

version 20171023
Added readout noise from calibration, example 5
Perfect camera optimized for 10" RC telescope

version 20171022
Added QHY367C camera
Added more precise calculation
Added more info text
Added perfect camera
Added high dynamic and very weak signal, example 4

version 20171020
Added thermal noise from dark current

version 20171006
Integer of number for sub images and cosmetic changes

version 20171005
First release

Test with different input parameters, you will see interesting things happen.

If you found this exiting and want to dig deeper in the details my friend Håkan has provided two links of information:

It could of course be some mistake in my calculation, I correct it when I found something.

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