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IC 4020 Galaxy

Object : IIC 4020
Coordinates/Direction : RA: 13h00m, DEC: +38o35'
Object size : 0.93' x 0.19'
Object magnitude : 15 ?
More to know : The Sky Live: sky/ deepsky/ ic4020-object

IC 4020 and its surrounding galaxies 2023-04-18

IC 4020 spiral Galaxy, 2023 (Click on image and get one in full resolution in a new window)
Date : 2023-04-18
Time (UT) : 19:25 to 00:04
Mount : Skywatcher HEQ5, HEQ5 mount project
Guide system: Astroberry, in dithering mode, Guide telescope 200 mm f/3.5, camera QHY5
Lens/telescope : Pentax 645 300 mm ED f/4.0, Pentax 645 300 mm project
Field : 6.9 x 4.6 degrees (at full frame)
Filter : none
Camera : Canon EOS 6D, camera temperature 12 degree Celsius
Control system : Raspberry / Astroberry, with GPS
Exp. time : 84x120 seconds at ISO1600, with every 3rd dithered
Image process tool : Siril, Gimp, Irfanview
Processing : cal dark, flat
Weather : clear sky, no Moon, temperature +2 degrees Celsius
Site : Sweden, Stockholm, Björnö Nature reservation. Bortle class 4
Comment : Desperately seeking interesting objects. I found one more galaxy cluster, centered the camera around the galaxy IC 4020, a small and weak galaxy. To find what's there I need some help from a plate solving IC 4020 plate solved. The bright star near center belongs to the constellation Canes Venatici.

Crop + 4x zoom IC 4020, 2023-04-18

IC 4020 Galaxy, 2023
Date : 2023-04-17
Field (FOV) : Cropped to 15'x15' degree
Comment : A small dim trace of the galaxy, magnitude 15 , even with a record long exposure for me of 165 minutes wasn't enough.

Other galaxies, 2023-04-18

IC 4020 Galaxy, 2023
Date : 2023-04-18
Field (FOV) : Cropped to 1x1 degree
Comment : At the lower left corner there are a pair of galaxies, NGC 5033 and NGC 5005.
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