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Go-cart, Kaseberg 1969

Engine: DKW 50cc 1.0 hp
My father and I draw plans how to replace my earlier bicycle car with something that had a small engine. The plan was to use parts from a 3-wheeler moped. But when we found this for not very much money my father bought it to me, the year was 1967. We found it at Lelles Bildelar and the cost was only 5 Euro.

The front part with it's wheels come from a 3-Wheeler moped just as we had planed to use. The rear axle was something homemade. My father and I repair and modified it to fullfill our demands. One big problem was the clutch, always broken.

Photo from Kaseberg where we had our summerhouse, near Vara in Sweden. In the background my father's Volvo PV from 1961.

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