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Chrysler Crossfire:
Disc Pad and Roller Bearings

Useful information about Chrysler Crossfire and how to repair it

  1. Front brake pads replacement
  2. Front wheel roller bearings

This is a collection of what I have found and what I have done on my Crossfire. Crossfire share most of it's chassi parts with Mercedes SLK R170.

You use this information on your own risk! Don't blame me if something goes wrong.

Front brake pads replacement:

Replacement of the front brake pads, easy swap and just 26 Euro.

Of course you shouldn't work with the brakes if you don't know how to do it and have some experience from it.

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Front wheel roller bearings:

I have to check the roller bearings in front.

Chrysler Crossfire: Front wheel roller bearing

After removing the wheel I found that the roller bearing was dirty. Cleaning and new grease.

Chrysler Crossfire: Front wheel roller bearing

I also need a new protective cup, the easiest way to find one was to by a complete kit with roller bearings. A set of two kits only 30 Euro plus shipment.

Chrysler Crossfire: Front wheel roller bearing

Like new! And I have a set of roller bearings for the future when I need to replace them.

When times come to replace roller bearings:

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