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Chrysler Crossfire:
Cleaning and Waxing

Useful information about Chrysler Crossfire and how to repair it

This is an information page collection of what I have found and what I have repaired on my Crossfire.

You use this information on your own risk! Don't blame me if something goes wrong.

Cleaning and waxing:

After I bought the car I cleaned and wax it to have some protection during the winter. I couldn't find any rust problems, just a few paint scratches where it was tiny surface rust, easy to fix when the summer comes, until then it's protected by the wax coating.

I didn't do this very special, just wash the car very carefully and then put the wax on it. It wasn't very bad before either.

Front of Chrysler Crossfire

Along the car goes lines over the hood and roof, also the interior. For me it looks very nice and give a special look.

Backside of Chrysler Crossfire

And the look of the back? Some people love it and others do not. For me it's ok.

You can see more photos here:

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