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Gärdesloppet 2004

Every year this car meeting is held at Djurgården in Stockholm, normally in the beginning of June. You will find a lot of old cars, older than fifty years.

I will ad information and links when I got something new. Or maybe you have more information? Let me know.

Oldsmobile Club Sedan 1948, Bantam Coupe 1938, Fiat

This is the parade when all cars arrive. The blue car looks to be a Fiat, the second is a 1938 years Bantam Coupe, the third a 1948 years Oldsmobile Club Sedan.


Ford 1930s and the blue behind is a Volvo truck.

Citroen Berliner 1950

1950 years Citroen Berliner.

Ford Hot Rod with a jaguar rear axle

Ford Hot Rod, 1920s. You can see the Jaguar four link rear axle, it's used a lot on hot rods.


In 1967 we lost our trams, that was when we change from left side drive to right side drive. About thirty years later we got our trams back.

Volvo PV 650 series

It looks to be a Volvo PV 650 series. Then it's from the 1930s. Today Volvo is the only mass produced car manufacture left in Sweden, sold earlier to U.S. Ford but today own by the Chinese.


An old Horch 1930s, in that time a very luxury car. It has the Audi symbol in front, it must have been an earlier merge between the two companies.

Horch interior

Horch interior and a big steering wheel.

Car exhibition 2004 at Djurgården

Every year it come a lot of people to watch this car exhibition.

Opel Kapitän 1954

1954 years Opel Kapitän, this has run as a Taxi cab in Sweden.

old Renault

The oldest car this day, was it a Renault from the 1910s? Lot of bras, the time before chrome.

old Renault

The Renault had no electric starter.

Harley Davidson

It looks to be a Indian Chief Black Hawk, late 1940s.

Opel Kapitän 1954

Opel Kapitän, 1950s.

Rolls Royce Phantom 1927

1927 years Rolls Royce Phantom.

T-Ford 1911

T-Ford, maybe from the year 1911.

Beautiful ladie and a Rolls Royce

Beautiful lady and a Rolls Royce.


MG from 1940s. A British sport car.

Ford Coupe 1931

1931 years Ford Coupe.

Willis Jeep

Willys Jeep, 1940s. The grandmother of all Jeeps.


1944 years Willys Jeep. The military Jeeps differ a lot compare to the civilian Jeeps that came later.

Ford EPA tractor

An old Ford that had been rebuild to a tractor, in Sweden we call them EPA tractors. People and farmers where very poor in the 1930s and by converting old cars they could afford a tractor.

Chevrolet 1926, farmer's truck

1926 years Chevrolet, farmer's truck.

Ford model A

Ford model A?

Volvo PV 824 1948, ambulance

1948 years Volvo PV 824 as an ambulance.

Volvo PV 824 1948, ambulance

Volvo PV 824, ambulance, I believe they where common in Sweden those days. The engine is a 6 cylinder inline with 90 horse powers.

Scania Vabis 1931 fire engine

Fire engine, this is a 1931 years Scania Vabis, made in Sweden.

Scania Vabis bus

Bus from Scania Vabis, 1950s ?

Ford fire engine

Ford fire engine, 1930s.

Morgan 3-wheeler

Morgan 3-wheeler, it's hard to tell if it's from the 1930s or today. They look the same.


BMW from 1940s.

SAAB 92 1952, two stroke

1952 years SAAB 92, a race car and to the right is the driver Erik Carlsson "Carlsson on the Roof", a famous Swedish driver. The car only had a small two stroke engine but the car was very light. SAAB was a Swedish car manufacture, then sold to U.S. GM. But they couldn't be kept it alive and SAAB got bankrupt later.

About Erik Carlsson

British race car

British race car, but which?

British race car

Two gentlemen in a very narrow British race car.


Bugatti, this is THE Race car!

British race car

British race car, or? The flag is from Schweiz but what I know there isn't any Schweiz car manufacture.

Chevrolet pickup 1947

1947 years Chevrolet stepside, that's a pickup. Great paint with red and black.


Cadillac convertible from mid 1950s, the fins have just started to be popular.

Fiat Coupe 500 1952

1952 years Fiat Coupe 500, a very popular car at that time. Nowadays Fiat have started to produce them again with modern technology.


If I remember correct this was a Chrysler from 1930s.

Harley Davidson with a sidecar

Harley Davidson with a sidecar, 1930s.


A big heavy Packard, an U.S. luxury car from the 1930s.

Fiat Convertible 1954

1954 years Fiat Convertible 500.

Jaguar XK 120 1953

1953 years Jaguar XK 120, a British sport car.

BMW convertible

A DKW convertible from 1940s. If I remember correct these DKWs was produced in East Germany when Germany was divided.

Ford four cylinder inline

A 4 cylinder flathead inline engine, maybe a Ford.

Car wodden wheel

An old Packard car wheel. The Packards was very heavy cars but still the wheels has these wooden parts.

Rolls Royce Phantom 1927 on parade

Rolls Royce Phantom on parade.


T-Ford from 1910s.


Lot of mopeds or scoters, the last blue one is a Crescent 2000, I had one like that once.

Bicycle with e help engine

Bicycle with e help engine in the wheel, even the gasoline tank is inside the wheel.

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