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3D CAD drawing:
Sight for telescope


  1. Sight for telescope
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1, Sight for telescope:


Sometimes when aim the telescope to the stars it could be useful to have a simple sight. Here is my version.

The two part sight:

3D CAD: Sight for telescope

I did it very simple, just two parts. One at front and one at back.

3D CAD: Sight for telescope

I 3D-printed them in black and it works good. Even better with painted small white dots which helps to aim it in the dark. The front sight, to the right, in the top hole, thread it for a M3 screw. You adjust its height until it point in correct direction. The back sight, to the left can be moved sideways and locked by its screw. Both is designed to be hold in place by a M3 screw.

See also my project page: HEQ: Small practical knobs and brackets

Added a little notch to hold it in place. This is version 1.2 and it can be downloaded as a STL file from 3D page.

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