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My father's Dodge 1937

My father Evert's Dodge Senior de Luxe four door Touring Sedan 1937

My father had this Dodge in the middle of the 1950s. He told me that when he bought the car 1954 the engine came in sugar boxes beside. The engine was a flat head six inline, about 85 horsepower. This was his first car and he was enthusiastic and spend a lot of time on it. He had to do a lot of repair of the car. My sister has told me how he painted the car dark blue with a vacuum cleaner. My mom told me how big it was, when doing picnics they placed the box with foods on the floor at the backseat. My family did at least one longer trip with this car, down to Copenhagen 1957. It's more than 1400 km back and forth.

Evert's Dodge 1937

I only have two photos of this car, this one above I got from my aunt. I don't have any own memories of this car, I was born one year after he sold it.

I have always thought that this car must have been scrapped. Recently (2018) on a car meeting there was a Dodge four door 1937 and it was painted blue too. Could it be my father's Dodge? Later I checked the chassis number, it wasn't the same, but now I got eager to find out, is the car still out there somewhere?

I have found two of this Dodges over the years, but no of them where my fathers. Now I have ordered from the traffic register information of all the Dodge 1937 that still exist today and if I'm lucky I will find my father's old Dodge.

Here on the Wikipedia page you can read more about Dodge:

I really like this car, the stand alone head lights, the windshield wipers above the window and other thing as well. Maybe as you already have read that I also had an old Dodge, a 1959.

My families memories of my father's Dodge 1937, Lars Karlsson

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