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3D Printing:
DC motor for direct drive mount


  1. Introduction & links
  2. To be continued

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1, Introduction & links:


Most mounts today include gears, gears have backlash and are very expensive when made of high quality. More interesting with a mount without the gearboxes for R.A. and DEC axis, a direct driven mount by brushless electric DC motors. The motor isn't very complicated, my idea is to 3D-print the motor.

A slow rotating motor with high torque is best solved with an axial motor with permanent magnets and brushless.

To get the position of the motor with high accuracy, better than 0.2 " it's need of a very high resolution angle sensor. They are complicated and expensive. Most of them consist of a magnetic tape wrapped around a disc and a magnetic sensor.

I start with links to collect information. Maybe there will not be more than this. Interesting readings anyway. I study a lot of physics many years ago, but don't know much about electric motors more then how to use them.

An impossible dream ? I don't think so:

Design of axial electric motors:

Here are links to design and physics about direct axial electric motors. Most of them of high power design and must be scaled down:

High resolution encoders:

Other links:

My other links related to direct drive mounts:

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