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My astronomy project:
EQ6 Mount, dismantling / rebuilding


  1. Introduction and Disassembling
  2. Internal gearbox alternatives
  3. Needed belt length, measurements
  4. New timing belt and pulleys has arrived
  5. Lids to worm gear adjusted
  6. Lathe of 60 teeth pulley
  7. Installing 60 teeth pulleys
  8. RA and DEC shaft shims
  9. Test installing timing belts and motors
  10. Installing RA timing belt and motor
  11. Installing DEC timing belt and RA shaft into chassis
  12. Testing and adjusting
  13. Power up and EQMOD gear ratio setup
  14. Hang up the telescope, balancing and calibrating parking point
  15. Fine adjusting RA and DEC worm gear play
  16. Drift align and auto guide calibration
  17. Setup EQMOD and PHD2 (moved to tutorial section)
  18. Test of auto-guiding
  19. Deep into the RA drift compensation
  20. Replacing the stepper motor driver
  21. New design of latitude adjuster
  22. During work

I take no responsibility or liability for what are written here, you use the information on your own risk!

21, New design of latitude adjuster:

The adjuster screws of the latitude angle of the EQ6 mount is of the same bad construction as of my HEQ5 mount. It's big risk of the camera or other devices hit these screws because they protrude out a long way. On my HEQ5 mount I replaced the North latitude screw with a shorter M10 and 3D-printed a new "hat" for it. Now I do the same for my EQ6 mount, the South screw I can remove because its function is nothing when living at altitude 60 degrees or higher.

Latitude adjuster screw:

Skywatcher EQ6, latitude adjuster screw

This is the original screw, for sure okay for they who live in Southern Europe, but not up here in North. Big risk that the cables get stuck here or when delay the meridian flip the devices can smash it and be destroyd.

Skywatcher EQ6, latitude adjuster screw

With a shorter M10 screw the problem is much less. The length of the screw is 40 mm, but depends at which latitude you live. Much safer now and very simple to do.

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