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Work / Arbete (parts in Swedish)

What do I do for a living ?


I'm interested in a lot of things so I have choose a wide range of educations, to name some of them:
Economy, Technology, Physics, Data Analysis, Laser-physics, Solid state physics, Atomic Physics, Molecular Physics, Biophysics, Astrophysics. I think it's wise to have a good overview than just a narrow knowledge/experience.

Solver of problem:

A lot of people ask me to solve problems, most in the technical area. I have 30 years of experience from the industry and University. Experience from electronics, high and low voltage systems, electrical interference, radio and radar system, biotechnology, technical sales, marketing, mathematical and physical problems, CCD technology, optical systems, technical support, pneumatics, precision engineering and mechanical engineering, software development, finance, investment.

If it's very advanced and deep problems I have connection in the Universities and high skilled people.


My own company, earlier I have been working for power companies as a specialist in remote reading of electric power meters. For a couple of years I also was in the home theatre business.

Now I restart my business and  concentrate me at two areas,

Making Contacts and give Talks/Education. Text continue in Swedish.

Föredrag och Utbildning:

Jag kommer ut till ert företag eller förening och håller föredrag, det kan vara något befintligt jag har eller så skräddarsyr jag det efter era behov. Områdena kan vara spännande resor jag gjort, astronomi, investeringar i aktier eller något tekniskt område.

Här finns några färdiga föredrag att välja bland. Det är inom resor och anknytning till astronomi.

Se här för mer information:



China and Interlink:


An earlier attempt to to start up the Swedish part.

Do you have a supplier in China?
Have you heard the expression “Mei Wen ti” & “Cha bu duo”? (Mei wen ti means No problem and Cha bu duo means Almost (almost right or difference not big)!

Have you ever experienced that when problem occur your Chinese manufacturer does not inform you and try to solve the problem themselves in all the wrong way?

The above are typical cases of culture difference! The only way to solve cultural difference is through mutual understanding and communication. Interlink can help you reach understanding between you and your supplier in China, so that your business experience in China will be smooth and easy.

Sorry to say, this business is no longer online, no success to convince Swedish people what advantages it could be to be in contact with Chinese companies. Maybe I will retry this once more.


Din personal kanske behöver en uppdatering inom matematik, fysik eller något tekniskt område?

Inget aktivt för närvarande.


Arbetar ni med Matlab men har problem, jag kan stötta er inom de delar som berör matematik och fysik.

Inget aktivt för närvarande.


Hör av er om intresse finnes!

Interesting? Contact me and I will tell you more!

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