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Travel News

My travels in Sweden:
Lappland tour in Northern Sweden, 2002


  1. Introduction to the Lappland tour, 1963
  2. Day 1 to 3: From Stockholm to Holmbacka
  3. Day 4 to 5: From Holmbacka to Jämtön
  4. Day 6 to 7: From Jämtön to Barsele
  5. Day 8 to 9: From Barsele to Munkfors
  6. Day 10 to 12: From Munkfors back to Stockholm

Our own Lappland tour, 2002

Here at Google map you can follow our travels day 6 and 7:

Day 6, Lappträsk, Haparanda, Kukkolaforsen, Kankaanranta, Överkalix, Polcirkeln, Gällivare


It is half past nine in the morning and we leave Rosie's aunt. We are now heading North to Lappträsk. It is from this place Rosie comes and she grew up here.

The Lappland tour in Northern Sweden, 2002

Rosie takes a photo of me because I'll have it as proof that there is such a place. As I have previously told, when I said to my friends that I will go with a girl to Lappträsk, they only said that the girl kidding me. There is no place called Lappträsk!

Here is the proof!

The Lappland tour in Northern Sweden, 2002

We drove past Rosie's childhood home and further around the village. Rosie takes a look at her old school which had been shutdown when we visiting it.

More information about Lappträsk at Wikipedia (only Swedish):


After all the morning issues done we take tha car down to Haparanda city center.

The Lappland tour in Northern Sweden, 2002

City hotel, former railway station.

More information about Haparanda at Wikipedia:

The Lappland tour in Northern Sweden, 2002

I look out over the beach in Haparanda towards Torne Älv, the country Finland is visible on the other side.

The Lappland tour in Northern Sweden, 2002

Let's see now, how should we proceed? Timbuktu looks to be a bit far away but we can visit the Arctic circle before the evening, only 95 km away.


The Lappland tour in Northern Sweden, 2002

Rosie is listening to Kukkolaforsen. Swedish and Finnish flags on each side of the river.

The Lappland tour in Northern Sweden, 2002

I'm studying a lone fisherman out there in the rapid. We also look into an old mill and a fish museum. At the fish museum we could see the difference of the sik as they catch here and the salmon. The salmon was bigger and redder in the meat.

The Lappland tour in Northern Sweden, 2002

I stand in front of a smoke sauna.

Rosie said:
Lars refused to basta! He did not want to be whipped by "vihtan" either, sigh.

It's in Kukkola where the Swedish Sauna Academy has its highest seat.

More information about Kukkolaforsen at Wikipedia (only Swedish):

Now we leave Kukkolaforsen and continue towards Gällivare.


4 pm:
We passed without stopping in Kankaanranta.


5 pm:
A short stop at the tourist office in Överkalix. Friendly staff, a girl helped us to book a room at Hotell Dundret in Gällivare.

Arctic circle:

The Lappland tour in Northern Sweden, 2002

6 pm:
At last we have found the Arctic circle, the place where Sun never goes down in the summer or up in the winter.

More information about the Arctic circle at Wikipedia:

The Lappland tour in Northern Sweden, 2002

Here I stand in the door and try to attract people into my little home, these kind of house or tent up here in North are called Lappkåta.

The Lappland tour in Northern Sweden, 2002

I philosophize about life in the Lappkåta.

More information about Lappkåta at Wikipedia:

Day 7, Porjus, Jokkmokk, Arvidsjaur, Barsele


Stayed at the small private hotel Dundred with breakfast.

The Lappland tour in Northern Sweden, 2002

We go for a morning walk after the cultural trail in Gällivare. Here we have stopped at the Lapp church or one öre (penny) church, built in the 18th century. The whole Swedish people got to contribute 1 öre (penny) / year for 4 years to fund the building of the church.

More information about Gällivare at Wikipedia:

I now realize that we never have a chance to go all the way that my father did, thousands of kilometers left. Gällivare is the most Northern point we reached, the journey to home from here begins. We choose to go Inlandsvägen down (road 45) towards Karlstad. Parallel to this road runs the railway Inlandsbanan as we came to cross a number of times.

The next stop will be in Porjus.


The Lappland tour in Northern Sweden, 2002

Out there behind the forest and out on the bog we shall walk to see the bomb plane.

I look forward to new adventures. An aircraft wreck from 1944 with name "Easy Elsie". The English Lancaster participated in the attack against the German battleship Tirpitz that was for anchor outside Tromsö in Norway. The aircraft was injured by air defense fire. The crew managed to take the aircraft over to Sweden and they emergency landed on a large mire.

From here it is 7 km to the bomb plane and the last 1.7 km is a shovel leading to the wreck.

The Lappland tour in Northern Sweden, 2002

Now after a long walk over the marsh we have reached the wreck after the bomb plane. Engines and weapons seem to have been removed by the Swedish military. The aft part is visible at the top left.

The Lappland tour in Northern Sweden, 2002

I'm looking for bears so nobody sneaks on us, an exciting experience! We were lucky that there was hardly a single knot in the air, otherwise it would not have been possible to walk out here in short pants.

More information about the Lancaster Easy Elsie at Wikipedia (only Swedish):

We leave Porjus after we had visiting Porjus old hydro power plant, unfortunately it was closed for visitors but the door still open. I enter the building to looking around, but unfortunately I could not come to the machine hall, which should be one experience to see.

More information about Porjus hydro power plant at Wikipedia:


We have to eat because Rosie started to be fussy, then it's in a hurry with food.

The Lappland tour in Northern Sweden, 2002

Jokkmokks tenn - Rosie bought jewelry in tin. We visited various craft shops, tourist info, and filled the tire with air, I have to do this every 300 km.

More information about Jokkmokk at Wikipedia:

Further towards Arvidsjaur. On the way there ... short stop. Rosie bought a reindeer horn for only 10 Euro. Luckily, I managed to convince Rosie to buy a small reindeer horn and not a giant horn, it started to get crowded in the car and worse it would be.

Rosie say:
"Lars feels it's going to be a little bit uneven with all these miles, no house ... just trees. He wants to see a high house soon!"

Up to today we have driven 2300 kilometers on our journey.


Stay in Barsele. Late in the evening we arrive at the house we rented. We had our own villa for 40 Euro per night total for 2 persons. The host was Rickard with wife and 8 children. Lots of bikes on the farm. They live in an old school themselves which may be needed with so many children.

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