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Travel News

My travel in Europe:
island of Malta

One week by walk, bus, boat and car at island of Malta, 2018

The last day at Malta, a walk to nearby Manoel island, day 8:


Today is a sad day, we have to leave Malta and go home. A last look out from our balcony.

The last breakfast, when we read comments about the hotel some people wrote that the breakfast wasn't good enough. We found it very good and tasty, strange.

The flight take of 7 pm so we have time for a last walk. Just outside our hotel is the Manoel island. Perfect for us to take a walk over there.

Passing a park at the harbor just before the bridge to the Manoel Island.

Manoel Island:

The bridge is actually two, they are built together, the south bridge looks older but not enough old to be a Roman bridge.

We start walking along the south harbor were all the boats are anchored in the marina, maybe we shall say ships, because some of them are very big.

Under the water surface we could see some remnants of old buildings, maybe a ship yard.

When we walked here another couple also from Sweden join us company along the harbor. We got to know that they lived very close to us in Stockholm, Sweden.

Here we has come to the end of the south harbor, we couldn't go inside the fort from here.

We had to go back a couple of hundred meters and then go to the north side of the Manoel  Island. We have passed the Manoel Island Yacht Yard and now enter a road with signs that warning us to be careful.

Sliema on the other side of the bay.

They plan to built flats here so maybe this was the last time to see it like this.

A stairway through the fortress walls take us up to the fortress.

Inside the outer region of Fort Manoel area.

It was hot today, next an ice cream.

Relaxing view ...

... and an icecream.

One of our earlier plans was to take a hop on hop off bus around the Malta island, but we never did.

Parish church of Jesus of Nazareth.

Now we must go back to the hotel, just get in and get our luggage. We take the local bus to the airport, bus stop just outside the hotel.

All luggage are packed, as you see we just have light packages, we newer know if we have to carry them for long on our adventures around the world.

To the north where Sweden is and snow, dark and coldness, better to stay if we could have chosen that.

My cousin Reidar told me that when he visited Malta in the 1960s as sailor he found the city so white that it blended him, everything was white.


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