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Infinity Alpha speakers


  1. Introduction, why these old speakers?
  2. Overview of the Infinity Alpha System
  3. Infinity Alpha 50, main speakers
  4. Infinity Alpha 20, rear speakers
  5. Infinity Alpha Center, center speaker
  6. The crossovers and update of components
  7. Replacing bad tweeters

6: The crossovers and update of components

Infintity Alpha speakers

The main speakers has bi-amp crossover filters. The rear speakers has bi-wiring crossovers, they have a common zero in the crossovers and will burn your amplifier if you try to bi-amp them.

Cheaper crossovers are built with bi-polar electrolytic capacitors, even these ones. I will replace them with non-polar capacitors.

Infintity Alpha 50 crossover

When I opened the cabinet and took out the filters I saw, it had been hot here! The resistor to the tweeter crossover was burned. The earlier owner liked to play loud! Here I have replaced the burnt resistor with a new one, I mounted it a bit higher to get better air cooling of it.

Infintity Alpha 50 crossover

Upper row, the old capacitor to the left and the new yellow one to the right. Lower row, the burnt 1 ohm resistor (I guess it's 1 ohm, but it's hard to identify the color ring of this hard burnt resistor) and the new one to the right.

Infintity Alpha 50 crossover

I bought new capacitors to all the speakers crossovers, but left the big 39uF and 56uF capacitors to be replaced later. I want to listen to the speakers and hear if they are worth spending more money on them first. Big non-polar capacitors are expensive.

Infintity Alpha 50 crossover

Heating up the solder machine and start to replace the old components.

Infintity Alpha 50 crossover

It's a bit tight around the new capacitors, but manageable.

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