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Infinity Alpha speakers


  1. Introduction, why these old speakers?
  2. Overview of the Infinity Alpha System
  3. Infinity Alpha 50, main speakers
  4. Infinity Alpha 20, rear speakers
  5. Infinity Alpha Center, center speaker
  6. The crossovers and update of components
  7. Replacing bad tweeters

2: Overview of the Infinity Alpha System

The speakers looks nice in our living room with it's cherry cabinets. To be twin 8" main speakers they are very compact. Of course I should not have the rear speakers on top of the main speakers later, only now when doing test. On the back side of cabinet I can read that they all are of 8 ohm impedance and manufactured in Denmark. Included was also an active 12" subwoofer, that one was newer and from another manufacturer.

I bought this speakers cheap and never even listen to them before I bought them, not so wise. But I already when I saw them understood that it must be a lot of work to renovate them.

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