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Flat calibration and how to shot flat images for color cameras


  1. Flat image for color camera
  2. Pixel gain differences
  3. Hardware setup
  4. Exposure
  5. Master flat 3D analyze
  6. Alternative rgb light source

6: Alternative rgb light source

Are there other sources of light that can be used?

There are of course those special electroluminescent panels, but they are more suited for mono chrome sensor because of there spectrum and it's not possible to control the individual rgb strength.

RGB Lamp kit

I bought this simple RGB lamp. Included is a remote control by which you can control the color.

White Green Red Pink

Test photos of four different settings, the step between different settings are a bit rough, I will test it later as a flat calibration source. But first I have to built a diffusor to it to get even light. Maybe this was not a good solution, are there other rgb lamps with more control over the rgb light output.

I have also done some T-shirt trick calibrations, unexpected it works very well.

T-shirt flat trick

To get an even rgb levels I use a pink colored T-shirt and attach on the dew shield of the telescope. Don't forget to set your focus were you normally have it. Point the telescope to the sky at dusk.

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