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Tutorial News

Canon camera remote control
by smart phone


  1. Introduction and setup of the WiFi network
  2. Setup the app "Camera Connect"
  3. Use of the app "Camera Connect"

I take no responsibility or liability for what are written here, you use the information at your own risk!

3: Use of the app "Camera Connect"

Setup the exposure of the camera:

I have the camera in manual exposure mode (M), but depending of the situation it could be better to have it in some other mode. If you set it to bulb mode (B), you start the exposure by tap the exposure button and then closed it by tap it again. You change it on the camera (hardware).

The start exposure button is the big white circle.

Canon remote control by Android cellular phone

Play around with the exposure setting to get a feeling how to use them, the window reflect the exposure. To dark, increase the exposure, to light, decrease the exposure. Just tap the parameter you want to change and adjust it with the scroll list that comes up.

The camera goes by automatic to livemode everytime you activate the Canon connect app. It looks that it only stay in livemode when you do the setting. Later when doing a exposure it goes once again to livemode and close after. Good because that makes the batteries last longer and don't heat the camera more than necessary. The cameras display blackout during connected. Normally the camera temperature is 6 degrees Celsius above the surrounding temperature, with camera remote controlled by Canon connect it's 9 degrees above the surrounding. Use the livemode a short as possible, you don't want to heat the camera by using the live view more then necessary.

Set focus mode

If you have set the parameter as I did following will happen, maybe different if you have a different camera.

Canon remote control by Android cellular phone

Tap the window where you want to have the focus. The rectangle move to that place.

Tap the AF focus, nothing happens more than the display change to focus mode.

Set manual focus

You set the manual mode in phone window, the orange rectangle below. Important, the camera lens shall be in autofocus mode!

Canon remote control by Android cellular phone

If you have a manually focus lens or set a autofocus lens to manually mode, just adjust the lens focus (on the lens) manually and look in the phone window when in correct focus. Note: You should normally try to set focus in the center of the field.

Zoom in and adjust the focus manually

Double tap the center of the rectangle, the windows zoom in.

Canon remote control by Android cellular phone

Tap the left and right arrows until you have the object in focus, windows is in live mode and update direct (almost). You can also tap and hold the AF round button in the window and it will focus automatic (but first change from manually mode to AF mode from the bottom line menu). It normally doesn't work very well on stars.

That's all ! Now I set the lens to manually focus, shut down the camera interface.

As I told in the beginning of this tutorial it is in a very early stage. I will do complement when I got more experience.

I understand most of you already have used this app, but for some maybe it was useful information.

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