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Canon camera remote control
by smart phone


  1. Introduction and setup of the WiFi network
  2. Setup the app "Camera Connect"
  3. Use of the app "Camera Connect"

I take no responsibility or liability for what are written here, you use the information at your own risk!

2: Setup the app "Camera Connect"

Now when you have the app up and running you have to setup it correctly after your needs, maybe different from my setup.

I only use the app (or plan) to set the focus of the lens and verify that the camera is pointing to the object.

Setup camera settings:

Tap the camera setting button on the phone display.

Canon remote control by Android cellular phone

I only use this menu to set the cameras date and time. Very practical because at least in my case my phone is always synced to a central clock. Much easier than to do it with the camera's setup menu.

Sync cameras date / time clock from phone

Canon remote control by Android cellular phone

If you find it convenient to do the clock sync as I do. Tap the "Reflect the date / time of this smartphone" enable button. Then tap "Set to camera" button. You should see that the clock change date / time if there is a difference.

Local information menu

Canon remote control by Android cellular phone

I don't use any of this functions yet.

Camera operation menu

Return to the camera menu again.

Canon remote control by Android cellular phone

I have the camera in manual mode.

If your phone goes down in sleep mode, restart it again and the camera also wakes up, you hear the camera's mirror flap down and up (DSLR).

Remote live view shooting settings

Above the battery indicator you have another setting, tap that button.

Canon remote control by Android cellular phone

You can have other setup, this is just what I feel is convenient.

Live view window orientation

And last there is a setting above the ISO setting button, tap that.

Canon remote control by Android cellular phone

Here you can rotate the display of live view and mirror it. I do not.

The "Touch AF" button's function is used when you want the the camera to autofocus at the place where you tap the smartphone's window. When doing astrophotography you normally has this button disabled and do the focus manual. Note: The camera lens is always set to autofocus!

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