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My astronomy project:
Big Binoculars


  1. Binoculars
  2. Binoculars mount
  3. Binoculars mount another idea
  4. Test rig
  5. Wooden distance between pier and binocular arm
  6. Binocular holder and First Light! * (You are here!)

6: Binocular holder and First Light!

At last I found something that I can use as a holder to the binocular, a bicycle hook!

Binocular holder

After a small modification of the bicycle holder it looks that it has manufactured for this purpose from the beginning. The two hooks I use as a handle to maneuver the binocular, very handy.

Binocular holder

As it now I can't reach over 45 degrees, and my neck makes pain if I try. But the binoculars with angle oculars was too expensive and I'm not a big fan of visual observing.

Binocular holder

The first object we looked at was the Moon, what a exiting view. It was a weak green ring around the edge, but didn't disturb very much. That's what to expect with a cheap binocular like this. It was very fun to maneuver around in the star fields.

Now I just have to fine adjust some details, the counterweight must be replaced with a more safe construction than the buck filled with stones.

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