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My astronomy project:
Big Binoculars


  1. Binoculars
  2. Binoculars mount
  3. Binoculars mount another idea
  4. Test rig * (You are here!)
  5. Wooden distance between pier and binocular arm
  6. Binocular holder and First Light!

4: Test rig

Before I spent to lot of time on this I have to do a test rig so I get a felling about the dimensions. First take a look at the pier again.

Binoculars mount

Still the hood in place and protected against weather.

Binoculars mount

No damage to it during the winter.

Binoculars mount

This is about my idea how it shall look. It will be used when standing up. Binocular at the left and balance weight to the right.

Binoculars mount

Close up of the caster wheel. I need a distance between that and the pier to get it high enough.

Binoculars mount

Now in the beginning the balance weight will just be a buck filled with stones.

Binoculars mount

This wooden part will be replaced with one in steel. It will hold the binocular with a standard 1/4" camera mount bolt.

Binoculars mount

As it now it could be difficult to aim it at higher altitudes. I think I must have a bent at the end of the arm. If I built it as a parallelogram it will not be a problem.

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