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My astronomy project:
Big Binoculars


  1. Binoculars
  2. Binoculars mount * (You are here!)
  3. Binoculars mount another idea
  4. Test rig
  5. Wooden distance between pier and binocular arm
  6. Binocular holder and First Light!

2: Binoculars mount

This binoculars has a weight of 4.5 kilo and can not be handheld. It must have a sturdy tripod or something similar to hold it stable. My photo tripod you see above is too weak.


Earlier in my pier project I already had a big binoculars in mind so I built two piers. Now it's just the problem how to mate the binoculars together with this pier.

EQ2 mount

Maybe I can use this EQ2 mount hat I just have bought, or I build DIY parallelogram mount to hold it.

Something like this:

I think this binoculars will have a field of almost 3 degrees, about the size of Andromeda galaxy. After a test outdoors I'm impressed of the optical quality, because this is just a very cheap instrument and I didn't expect very much from it. Where there is heavy contrast you can see purple fringes, this is not an APO binoculars of course.

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