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Observatories that I have visited:
Sardinia Observatory

A visit to Sardinia island

  1. Sardinia island
  2. The road up to the observatory
  3. The observatory

3: The observatory

The Sardinia Observatory

A first glimpse of the observatory in close distance, looks good.

The Sardinia Observatory

It's a big house built in concrete or stone. The part to the left must be the control room.

The Sardinia Observatory

The summit is very flat and no trees block the view.

This is in the middle of Sardinia close to the village Gairo Sant 'Elena, about 5 km away.

The Sardinia Observatory (click on the image to get a full resolution photo in a new window)

Here is an attempt to do a panorama photo, but with handheld camera and wide angle lens it isn't very easy to stitch together.

When I'm doing more complicated stitches of images I normally use the Hugin sotware, it's free:

The Sardinia Observatory

Is the doom built in aluminum or something else?

The Sardinia Observatory

On one wall there is a big solar clock.

The Sardinia Observatory

The door to the control room.

The Sardinia Observatory

Knock, knock... is there anyone inside here? No.

The Sardinia Observatory

Up on the summit in back ground there is a radar station, maybe for the weather forecast. That explain the fine road and the hefty power cable.

The Sardinia Observatory

There is an platform on the backside, it looks that an older observatory have stood here. Perfect place to stand on now if you come with your own portable telescope and mount.

The Sardinia Observatory

A last look at the beautiful view before we leave. We took the road on the backside down, much more narrow and horses and cows crossed it.

You can read more about our Sardinia tour here:

My travels pages.

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