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Observatories that I have visited:
Sardinia Observatory

A visit to Sardinia island

  1. Sardinia island
  2. The road up to the observatory
  3. The observatory

2: The road up to the observatory

The Sardinia Observatory

After many kilometers slow driving on the curved roads we for our first time could see the observatory. The road up here is fine, but don't drive your first time here in darkness! There is a small village with hotel not far from here, maybe 5 kilometers.

The Sardinia Observatory

The view is fantastic from this place and we shall go even higher.

The Sardinia Observatory

At close to the summit there is a smaller road the last part. Steeply uphill and full of big holes in the road. But no need for a four wheel drive car and it's just a few hundred meters.

The Sardinia Observatory

An even more steeply uphill road take over from here. But we parked the car here and walked upwards the last part.

The Sardinia Observatory

Half way up we took a break to get some air, this is about 1100 meters altitude, good for astronomy but we have spent the last week sitting in a car, we feel that now!

The Sardinia Observatory

Strange, a big power cable up here, how could they afford that?

The Sardinia Observatory

The power station, there must something else here that use a lot of power and need the fine road up here.

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