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Observatory Saltsjöbaden and its astrograph

A visit to Saltsjöbaden's Astrograph

  1. Introduction
  2. The excursion to Saltsjöbaden
  3. Historical background
  4. What is an astrograph?
  5. Optical performance
  6. Finder telescope
  7. Tracking and motor operation
  8. Object tracking, finder telescope
  9. The elevator
  10. The Dome
  11. Glass plates (film)
  12. What research was done with this astrograph?
  13. Who has worked on this astrograph?
  14. How it ended?

10: The Dome

Observatory Saltsjöbaden and its astrograph

Dome shutters pulled to the side of a rail when they shall be opened.

Dome of the astrograph building has an important function, to protect against the weather elements. It must also being rotatable because the opening should always be in the middle where the astrograph is pointing. Compared to modern domes this an orgy of wooden handy craft.

Observatory Saltsjöbaden and its astrograph

With this dial you operate the dome shutters. To the left of the other side of the opening (out of picture) is another knob for turning dome.

Kerstin tells:

"The astronomer alone had to keep track of even that the dome was in the right position with its opening. The gap must be all the time standing in the middle of the lens, and the lens moves slowly throughout the time so it came to be vigilant on this. Imagine the embarrassing situation that could happen to expose the inside of the dome!"

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